Founder Fleur Marks wears two hats. Not only does she run The Wellbeing Store, she also is an established Wellbeing & Leadership expert, coach and trainer to the corporate world. She trains hundreds of people weekly and offers a range of wellbeing/leadership courses for corporate businesses to help people perform at their best. 

Having been an executive leader in the corporate world and run the largest wellbeing programme in Australasia, Fleur knows keeping your best people requires reward and recognition and being their for them at significant moments in their life - whether it is their first day on the job, a tenure anniversary or a big life moment to let them know you care. With the Great Resignation being our reality in 2022 and people searching for meaning in their roles, being an employer who truly cares about them is vital.

So go beyond the expected bunch of flowers or the carefully considered corporate gifting we have curated for every moment. Download our Corporate Gifting Guide here.  

Let us help you foster employee loyalty and build a strong team culture in today's competitive workplace. 

We have a range of beautiful single items, pre-made gift boxes, or customised options for your effortless gifting experience. Celebrate first days, anniversaries, promotions, pregnancies, birthdays and be there for them when life happens, whether it be sickness, loss, or appreciation for hard work, we have created thoughtful wellbeing kits for these tough times too.

Better yet, spread some kindness by showing your appreciation to your clients with a carefully curated gift or kick start a conference with a uniquely themed kit we can curate together!

Catering for Individuals, Large Groups or Work Conferences. 

Simply download our Corporate Gifting Guide here and email us at to find out more


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