Our Purpose 

  • To help people live life fully, with meaning, and show up as their authentic self by taking care of their wellbeing.
  • To ease the stresses and struggles of life with a considered collection of products/kits that will take away the effort of starting your wellbeing journey and fast track you to be a well-being.
  • To support the chronically ill to stay as well as humanly possible in their time of real need with a heartfelt and personal understanding of what you truly need as you face the battle of your health.

Our Values

  • You are enough just the way you are - self acceptance 
  • You need to be self full to be self less - self care
  • Only you can take responsibility for your wellbeing - self empowerment
  • You are born to shine and deserve to live your best life - self love
  • Giving is the greatest pleasure in life - love others

​Fleur's Personal Story

The founder and kit curator, Fleur, is a known expert Wellbeing Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Wellbeing and Leadership Coach, and Trainer. She was a former fashion stylist and luxury branding expert so has a high design aesthetic that you will see across all curations. She truly gets what it means to take care of your wellbeing as she has spent the last 10 years of her life battling a rare chronic autoimmune disease as well as breast cancer.  More on her story below. She also ran one of the largest corporate wellbeing programmes in Australia and NZ across 70 companies/5,000 people so understands what it takes to have a fulfilling career and how to navigate your wellbeing with the real pressures of corporate life. She has an absolute passion and belief in working smarter not harder designing her own Productivity Planner as well.

Fleur's Wellbeing Journey

I once thought I was 'Wonder Woman'. Invincible. I could do it all. Have it all. An overachiever workaholic who thrived on stress and challenge. So much so, I worked myself sick. Real sick. Never get better kind of sick. Over the last 10 years, I have battled to stay alive. It took me losing everything, including my health, to learn what truly matters to me. I have defied all odds surviving and keep getting up to face every day with a smile on my face embracing all that life has to offer - 'The Happy Warrior'. I have battled not one but two chronic illnesses, a rare and non-curable autoimmune disease, Sarcoidosis, and in the last two years, Breast Cancer too.  I have now failed all treatment and am here for a good time, not a long time.

Despite my health challenges, I have built a life of exceptional achievements. Bringing up two amazingly resilient independent children, sustained a successful career and lived the fullest life I can. Through my adversity, I am be fortunate to be able to inspire others to take care of their wellbeing, teach them how to perform at their best, and figure out how to live their fullest life. I am perhaps the 'wellest' looking sick person you will meet as I simply practice everything I preach to keep me alive for as long as possible. This stuff really works!

Whilst I can, my legacy now is to continue to share these life lessons and help others learn how to navigate the best life possible in a constantly changing world. Hence, why I have founded this Wellbeing store. Whilst being stuck in bed sick, I curated these Wellbeing kits based on learned experience and have thought deeply about what would really help people take care of their wellbeing. My aim is to help others experience what it means to take care of yourself as I have had to learn the hardest life lesson that without your health, you have nothing. My sick kits are from in-depth experience of what people really need when they are facing true adversity in their health. There will be a point in the future where I will no longer be able to work, so this online store is my legacy for my family and to the world to help others truly take care of themselves so they live a long, happy and full life. I could not do any of this without the loving support (and digital prowess) of my husband, Pete, and my two incredible children, Isabella and Luca, and the unconditional love of my fur baby, Poppy.

Be Well. Gift Well.



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