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Welcome to The Wellbeing Store

Welcome to The Wellbeing Store

Welcome!  This store is all about helping you fast track your wellbeing journey and live you best life.  I believe that life is incredibly special and and living your best life is vital to your happiness. 

This business exists to help people live life fully, with meaning, and show up as their authentic self. We want to ease the stresses and struggles of life by taking away the effort to taking care of your wellbeing. We want to see you own your worth. To hustle less and find more flow. To have the courage to create the life you truly want. To step into the arena of life and live. To be mindful and connect with what matters to you. To experience love and connection. To focus on the important, not urgent. To create space and capacity to enjoy the life you so deserve. Ultimately, to show up fully to life, as the wonderful 'messy work in progress' you are and own it.

So we have put together some carefully considered wellbeing kits to solve whatever wellbeing challenge you want to tackle. We recommend tackling one at a time. Or perhaps you want to gift it to someone who may need some support in a meaningful way.

I get it is tough to do this stuff as my own health challenges forced me to design the life I wanted as time was nearly up. Learn more about my story here.  Out of pure necessity, I became a wellbeing expert in my own life to stay alive for as long as possible. I then took my lessons to corporate world and ran a successful wellbeing programme in Australasia across 70 companies and helped 5,000 people learn to do the same. Knowing the impact, I wanted to help more people as I can see the silent suffering and lack of knowledge on how where to start. To ultimately help you. To help chronically ill people too who have to deal with chemo, cancer and ongoing illness as I have had to and still live fully despite it all.

I was in denial about my wellbeing (as an A-type workaholic perfectionist who is an external optimist) and know that it took me experiencing what it actually feels like first hand to truly believe that this this 'woo woo' wellbeing stuff actually works.  It does! 

Once I took that first step towards wellbeing journey I never looked back. It has meant I have defied all the odds and lived many years longer than expected.  But I know from experience that sometimes it's hard to know where to start. The road to feeling better can (ironically) feel completely overwhelming.  So I have curated each of the kits to help you experience what it feels like to take the first step in your wellbeing journey.

Each of the kits includes practical tools that can help you realise what it feels like to take care of you and live fully. So we have spent many hours researching and curating the best premium wellbeing products to cater to all the wellbeing needs you may have. We have selected a range of beautiful Australian and NZ made brands who produce luxurious and high-end wellbeing products.

We have broken wellbeing our store into the various wellbeing needs you may have into collections: stress and overwhelm, rituals and routines, stay at home, sleep, career and productivity, self (care and love), love, mindfulness, sickness, gratitude, and financial. All very important elements to building your wellbeing so you can live your best life.

We have also curated a range of Wellbeing Kits that will kick start you to take care of your wellbeing. The perfect gift for someone or yourself.

So go explore! We value and thank you for your support. 





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